Elevate Your Business Intelligence with Coach Zack’s Company AI Wiki Creation Retreat. This package offers a two-day weekend retreat and extensive follow-up support to develop your customized Company AI Wiki using Notion. It's an intensive collaboration for teams seeking to centralize and optimize company knowledge.

Package Includes:

  • Weekend Retreat ($14K): Two days of team-focused creation. Location costs extra.
  • Follow-Up Sessions ($14K): Four half or two full-day sessions for refinement.
  • Remote Support ($14K): 16 hours over 8 weeks for ongoing development.
  • Custom Templates ($7K): Tailored Notion templates designed by Coach Zack.

Ideal for companies who seek to step ahead of their competitors via streamlined operations and collective intelligence. Your Wiki is built to evolve with your business, turning team knowledge into your greatest asset for scaling your company.